What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

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What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

Our eyes tell a lot about us.  They not only clue others around us about our mood or focus, they give others insights into our health and well-being, such as, are you tired, angry, etc.

See The Plastic Surgery Difference

If drooping eyelids and brows progress over time, they can not only visually age you, they can also impede your vision. There is more to attractive eyes than just removing loose skin or correcting lines and wrinkles with Botox and filler. In plastic surgery, we don’t focus on one particular “problem area” or technique.  Rather, we look for ways to make you look more attractive by balancing proportions in the face, especially the eyes.

What Makes an Attractive Eye

You know attractive eyes when you see them, but you may not know what makes one person’s eyes look better than average.  Botox and eyelid filler only offer so much correction.  Even surgically correcting eyelid skin excess, without considering the brow position or shape, can distort your natural facial proportions.  Considering the area as a whole helps maintain aesthetic facial proportions and prevents vision loss down the road. I find both surgical and nonsurgical approaches that keep you looking like you, but a more attractive you.

Do I Have to Go “Under”

Surgically correcting brow and eyelid position can sometimes be done in the office setting without needing general anesthesia. Walking in and out of a short procedure without the nausea, hassle and downtime works for many.  More advanced techniques may require the comfort and equipment an operating room provides.

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