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For those men and women in greater Lexington and Georgetown as well as the surrounding communities of Kentucky, Commonwealth Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Jared Nimtz, can help you achieve your youth revitalizing Belotero® goals. Contact us today to set up your Belotero® consultation.


Belotero® is an FDA-approved injectable filler that restores a youthful appearance by diminishing the wrinkles, folds, and creases around the area of the mouth and nose. Belotero® enhances and promotes the natural hydration process in your own skin to gradually restore volume and smoothness. Lines and wrinkles gradually disappear naturally as your skin becomes more hydrated over time. Belotero® contains hyaluronic acid, a substance produced naturally in the body that binds with water to improve your skin’s hydration levels.


Belotero® stands apart from other HA dermal fillers because it is designed to treat smaller fine lines. It treats the smallest fine lines with natural looking results with a minimally invasive treatment that takes less than one hour, so you leave looking and feeling fabulous.


Individuals who want to eliminate stubborn, etched-in lines, folds, creases and wrinkles around the mouth and nose may be ideal candidates for Belotero® injections. Belotero® eliminates wrinkles, but one of the main benefits of Belotero® is that it has a very soft consistency. This makes it an ideal filler for the more delicate areas of the face, and it is a great treatment for the dark circles under the eyes, making them disappear.

Dr. Jared Nimtz

Dr. Nimtz is a Lexington board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly skilled, experienced, and truly cares about his patients. Through a conservative, classic approach to surgery he provides natural-looking results that are attractive and proportionate.

Meet Dr. Nimtz


Dr. Nimtz will carefully select the specific injection sites that will achieve the most flattering, natural-looking results possible. The Belotero® gel is injected through tiny needles, but the injection sites are treated with numbing cream first. Belotero® is injected using a very fine-gauge needle, and in addition, Belotero® contains lidocaine to minimize any discomfort. Noticeable improvement in the luminosity and volume of your skin will be immediately visible after the injections.

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The price of your Belotero® procedure will vary depending on your unique treatment needs as well as other related factors. After you meet with Dr. Nimtz, we will identify exactly what your Belotero® procedure will cost, at which time we will give you an all-inclusive quote. We do offer CareCredit® as a financing option, and our office also accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover as well as cash or personal checks.

We want you to look absolutely amazing, and Dr. Jared Nimtz is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Residents of greater Lexington and Georgetown as well as the surrounding communities of Kentucky, select Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for your outstanding Belotero® outcome. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

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