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Facelift Before & After: The Techniques That Achieve Natural-Looking, Long-Lasting Results

A facelift is a transformative procedure—an art and science Dr. Jared Nimtz of Commonwealth Plastic Surgery has mastered. If you're seeking a more youthful appearance, you can anticipate a rejuvenation that does more than address physical concerns—it revives your self-image. A successful facelift, characterized by a natural look and discreet scars, can reverse the clock …

Get Ready for the Holidays – Breast Augmentation Special

Top-Quality Plastic Surgery by Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Lexington's Dr. Jared Nimtz Dr. Nimtz is one of Lexington’s most sought-after Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons.  His our approach is to listen very carefully to our patients’ desires and give them the look and proportion they seek for breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Nimtz educates his patients …