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If you’re searching for a great local medical spa or the best plastic surgeons in the Lexington, KY, area, reading patient reviews can give you terrific insight into our services. We’ve compiled patient comments from several review sites so you can read what real patients think about their time at Commonwealth Plastic Surgery and SōL Retreat. 

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Pre-op appointment - going with Ideal Implant, around 450cc I bought a few new bras since I'm 3 months post surgery! I'm wearing 34d in every brand I've tried so far. I'm really happy with the results, I just wish they were about twice as large. They feel really small to me! For anyone concerned about the weight of the implants, believe me when I say you can't even tell they are there! I run 4 miles, 3 nights a week and 10 miles on Sundays and it's like nothing has changed! When I tried on the sizers in my surgeons office they felt really heavy sitting on my chest. I wish someone had told me that isn't how it feels when they're inside you, I DEFINITELY would've gone bigger!!! I went with under the muscle so I assume that's the reason for the weight not being an issue?

Friendly, professional and knowledgable staff. Dr Nimtz is not only an excellent surgeon, but also listens to what is important to the patient. Sarah is an incredibly gifted injector - impressively talented and has a great eye. Tisha's knowledge and expertise in all this skin care is unmatched. I have referred many family members and friends - everyone always thanks me !!

Doc and his wife go over and beyond to take care of their patients. They have put their heart and soul into their business and it shows. Doc is a gifted and knowledgeable surgeon, paying close attention to detail and wants perfection. I highly recommend his expertise. He has even extended his time and service to my kids’ scrapes and cuts. We are very thankful for him and his wife!

I have had a couple procedures with Dr. Nimtz and loved everything about him and his office staff. I have always been treated professionally & with respect. Dr. Nimtz & his wife even made a house call to check in me the day after my surgery! Dr. Nimtz is an extremely skilled surgeon! Anything I have needed or requested, Dr. Nimtz has always followed through! I wish I had tons of money because he would be doing procedures a few times a year…LOL

I love my body even more! Everything about Dr. Nimtz’s office and team was above my expectations. He was so educated about working with ethnic skin(a key of importance for me) and answered every question I could have thought of. I was humbled with the patient coordinator, who assisted me with my follow ups. I will continue to return to this surgeon for any and all cosmetic procedures. Truly a wonderful office.

Dr Nimtz and staff have been very professional and caring every time one of my family members or I was in need of a plastic surgeon. Very pleased with the final results!

I have had multiple procedures with Dr. Nimtz and have been satisfied with the results. From the consultation to the aftercare, I’ve always felt I was taken care of by the staff and Dr. Nimtz. Any concerns I may have had were always addressed to my satisfaction. Great group of people I would highly recommend to anyone!

I saw Dr. Nimtz for facial fat grafting. He did an outstanding job. It is difficult to find a surgeon that will do this procedure. Most surgeons prefer the repeat revenue that comes from injectables. Dr. Nimtz is a gifted surgeon!

I had a small breast reduction (more like a lift) in 2003 by another plastic surgeon, which resulted in stargazing nipples. Lowering the nipples is difficult to correct. Dr. Nimtz was able to lower them into a normal position. He performed ‘breast lift incisions at IMF’ in 2019 and nipple reshaping in 2020. I am so happy. I never thought my breasts would look so natural. Wanted to add a pho...