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You have a right to make revisions to any previous breast enhancement procedures. Women from the Louisville area and Bowling Green, KY, as well as Knoxville, TN, count on Dr. Jared Nimtz of Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for brilliant breast revision results in Lexington and London that exceed all of their expectations. Contact us today to set up your consultation!


When breast implants are not positioned properly, patients can wind up with a number of problems, such as breasts that appear too close together, breasts that appear too far apart, breasts in which the implant is visible, and other similar issues. Furthermore, breast implants may result in asymmetrical breast divots in the breast, hardening around the implants, called capsular contracture, and deformity from muscle flexing. On occasion, women need to have their implants removed. Dr. Nimtz treats all types of implant revision, improving the look and feel of breast implants.


Capsular contracture is one of the most common problems with breast implants, but several steps are taken during surgery to reduce the chance of capsular contracture.  Placing implants behind the pectoralis muscle can reduce the occurrence of capsular contracture, and some manufacturers do cover the cost of capsular contracture repair within the warranty period, which is a nice perk for patients.

Dr. Jared Nimtz

Dr. Nimtz is a Lexington board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly skilled, experienced, and truly cares about his patients. Through a conservative, classic approach to surgery he provides natural-looking results that are attractive and proportionate.

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If you have saline breast implants that have deflated, or an X-ray or MRI suggests your silicone implant has a shell leak, or if you just want to change your implant/breast size, or if you are experiencing any tightening of your scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture) or your breast implants have shifted in position, if any of these issues are problematic for you then you might want to consider breast revision with Dr. Nimtz.


Breast implant revision surgery with Dr. Nimtz commonly involves the removal and/or replacement of saline or silicone breast implants, and ideal candidates are patients who want to change the size or type of their implants or to correct any complications from their initial breast augmentation, with the overall goal being to restore a more youthful breast contour and appearance. Your exact procedure will depend on the reason for your breast revision. For instance, if you decide to change your implant size, Dr. Nimtz will frequently use your original incision for implant removal and replacement, and if necessary he will surgically enlarge the “pocket” or space in the breast surrounding your implant to accommodate a larger implant. If there is an issue of capsular contraction, Dr. Nimtz will probably use the same incision used to insert the original implants to remove the hardened capsule and implant, and then insert a new implant. Sometimes implant pockets are created too far apart or too close together, resulting in poorly positioned breasts, and to correct this, Dr. Nimtz will manipulate the scar tissue from the capsule surrounding the implant and reconstruct the pocket in the appropriate position using suturing techniques. If it is necessary to elevate the position of your nipples and areolas, the nipples and areolas remain attached to underlying mounds of tissue, and this usually allows for the preservation of sensation and the ability to breastfeed.

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The price of breast revision surgery varies depending on the extent of treatment needed as well as other possible factors. After you meet with Dr. Nimtz, we will identify exactly what your procedure will cost, at which time we will give you an all-inclusive quote. We do offer CareCredit® as a financing option, and our office also accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover as well as cash or personal checks.

Breast revision by Dr. Jared Nimtz will help you regain your breasts. Residents of greater Lexington and Georgetown as well as the surrounding communities of Kentucky, Dr. Jared Nimtz, and Commonwealth Plastic Surgery can help you with expert breast revision results. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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