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Are you concerned about having too much fat and excess skin on your chest? If you reside in the Louisville area, Bowling Green, KY, or even Knoxville, TN, choose Commonwealth Plastic Surgery to restore a more masculine chest with male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) in Lexington or London. Contact us today to set up your gynecomastia consultation!


Unfortunately, under certain conditions, men can develop an excess of breast tissue in one or both breasts. This unfortunate circumstance leaves men in a social and emotional tight spot because they feel less masculine. Fortunately, there are alternatives to dealing with the consequences of male breast tissue, including a gynecomastia reduction treatment. This procedure has nearly doubled in the last several years. Gynecomastia is commonly referred to as man boobs and refers to a medical condition in which men and boys develop abnormal mammary gland or fatty breast tissue causing the breasts to appear large and swollen like a woman’s. Frequently, this condition is caused by an imbalance of androgen and estrogen hormones or some combination of lifestyle factors, but for many patients, this condition does not respond to diet or exercise. It is for this reason that many men and boys turn to permanent breast reduction surgery to eliminate the problem once and for all.


Correction of gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat in the breasts and chest of boys and men. Gynecomastia can often cause physical pain and social embarrassment. Male breast reduction is a quick and safe solution for boys and men suffering from gynecomastia. For many men and boys, this is a key factor in restoring or building their confidence and self-esteem. This simple and common procedure uses liposuction to suction out an excess fat tissue and tightens sagging skin, yielding a flatter, smoother, and more masculine chest contour.

Dr. Jared Nimtz

Dr. Nimtz is a Lexington board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly skilled, experienced, and truly cares about his patients. Through a conservative, classic approach to surgery he provides natural-looking results that are attractive and proportionate.

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This procedure requires general anesthesia and usually takes two to three hours. Dr. Nimtz will create an incision around the nipple and areola, and then, excess fat and breast tissue will be removed, which can be followed by liposuction to further smooth the contour of your chest. Once Dr. Nimtz is done sculpting your chest area, your incisions are closed with sutures. Patients may return home after the surgery, which usually does not require an overnight hospital stay. Typically patients undergoing this procedure will spend one to two weeks away from work, although strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for up to two months. During this time, a compression garment is worn to support the chest tissues as they heal. Common side effects include soreness, tenderness, bruising and swelling.


Do you feel self-conscious about man boobs? If so, Dr. Nimtz can help. Most patients undergoing male breast reduction are embarrassed by the excessive growth of breast tissue on their chest, and they are often adult men who just wish that they had a flatter, firmer chest. This particular surgery is not recommended for teens under the age of 16, although teenage boys are often afflicted by gynecomastia.

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The price of your gynecomastia procedure will vary depending upon the extent of treatment needed as well as other possible factors. After you have had your consultation with Dr. Nimtz, we will identify exactly what your procedure will cost, and we will give you an all-inclusive quote. We do offer CareCredit® as a financing option, and our office also accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover as well as cash or personal checks.

Reclaim your masculine chest. If you are a man who lives in greater Lexington, Georgetown, or any of the surrounding communities of Kentucky, choose Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for rejuvenating and enhancing results designed to make you feel confident and self-assured. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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