What Is a Lip Flip? FAQs About This BOTOX Trend

Woman gently touches her lips. (MODEL)

It seems like the trendy BOTOX lip flip is popping up everywhere—from your TikTok feed to the school pickup lane. But does all the buzz over this injectable treatment leave you wondering what exactly is a lip flip, does it really work, and is it worth the hype?

We’re sharing frequently asked questions and helpful responses to give you the basics on the popular BOTOX lip flip. Ready to dive in and learn more?

What does a lip flip do?

We carefully inject your upper lip with a small amount of BOTOX during a lip flip. As the lip muscle relaxes, your lip “flips” upward, giving it a more shapely, fuller appearance. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and may be combined with lip fillers for optimal results.

What’s the difference between a lip flip vs filler?

Popular lip fillers such as Restylane® contain hyaluronic acid designed to give your lips dramatic volume. The BOTOX lip flip focuses on revealing more of your upper lip without actually adding fullness. You can learn more about how lip fillers are strategically injected to plump your pout in this related blog post.

How much is a lip flip?

A lip flip generally costs less than lip filler, but the cost of your treatment varies slightly depending on your individual needs and aesthetic goals. We will provide a detailed price quote following your personalized consultation with one of our experienced injectors. Remember, we offer various patient financing options to help you pay for your treatment with added convenience.

How many units of BOTOX will I need for a lip flip?

When performing a lip flip, we administer small doses of BOTOX (about 2 to 6 units) during the treatment. This approach delivers very subtle results while preserving your natural lip movement.

How long does a lip flip take to work?

We typically perform a lip flip in only a few minutes, and you can expect to notice your results within about 10 days.

How long does a lip flip last?

Your results probably won’t last as long as with BOTOX injections elsewhere because we administer such a small dosage and your lip muscles are active. This continuous muscle movement often causes the BOTOX to break down more quickly. You can expect to enjoy your lip flip for roughly 8 to 12 weeks before visiting us for a touch-up.

What is lip flip recovery like?

After a lip flip, some minor swelling or bruising at the injection site is common. However, because such a small amount of BOTOX is administered, your side effects and downtime are minimal. Like other BOTOX treatments, most patients are comfortable resuming their regular activities immediately after lip flip treatment.

Ready to perfect your pout with a subtle BOTOX lip flip? We encourage you to request a consultation using our online form or call us at (859) 277-9435 to schedule an appointment.

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