What Can a Lunch Hour Lift Do?

Profile of woman before and after lunch hour lift

Photos: Before and After a Lunch Hour Lift (liposuction to the neck with Renuvion®.)

Do you want to look younger and more alert? A Lunch Hour Lift may be your solution if you’re not quite ready for a facelift. At our Lexington and London, KY, clinics, a Lunch Hour Lift is really not one specific lift procedure. Instead, it’s a variety of procedures performed in our office surgical suite under local anesthesia.

Typically, these procedures take about 90 minutes, and they lift the lip, face, or neck. They are popular for patients in a variety of age ranges—from 20 to 60 years old—and the procedure can be tailored to what the patient really desires to correct, such as volume deficiency in the lip or midface or skin laxity in the midface, jowls, and neck. Men and women love the efficiency of these procedures, and you can see why from one of our patient’s before-and-after photos above.

How do you tighten sagging cheeks or jowls?

For patients with some amount of skin laxity in the cheek or jowls, Dr. Nimtz might remove a small amount of skin along the hairline and temple to lift the midface or cheek. Likewise, he can take a small amount of skin around the ear to lift the jowls and neck. These are small surgical corrections that can provide a great result with less downtime than a full facelift or neck lift. Patients typically range in age from 40 to 60 years old with this procedure.

Can you transfer fat to your face?

Yes, facial fat grafting is another procedure Dr. Nimtz can do in the office that lifts the midface without removing the skin. As we age, we lose volume in the eyes, midface, lips, and jaw. We can remove fat from a stubborn pocket like the belly, neck, or inner thigh and use that fat to recreate lost volume throughout the face.

Facial fillers are a temporary solution to volume loss, but fat grafting often becomes more cost-effective. That’s because we can address multiple areas at once, facial fat grafting lasts longer than fillers, and it is the patient’s own tissue. We often combine facial fat grafting with the small skin excision to give patients a much more youthful appearance without general anesthesia. This combination can take years off but with a very subtle maneuver.

Can you firm up the neck or a double chin?

A popular Lunch Hour Lift procedure also done in the office is liposuction to the jowls or neck (or both) to remove excess fat and then tighten the skin in the neck and lower cheek with Renuvion. The Renuvion is a device that tightens the skin on the underside of the surface using plasma, or heat. This procedure not only provides an initial tightening but promotes further tightening for months to come.

Unlike laser tightening, a Renuvion treatment does not have to be repeated. It is a “one-and-done” tightening procedure. In fact, Renuvion is so effective, you leave the office feeling just how tight the skin is, and you actually feel that successive tightening as you heal. This procedure is very popular among women in their 40s to 50s who need some tightening to avoid loose neck skin but not enough to warrant an incision.

Younger patients, in their 20s, like having a lunch hour liposuction procedure to remove the fat below their chin and or cheek and have that fat placed in their lips to plump and create the perfect pout.

What are other benefits of a Lunch Hour Lift?

With the Lunch Hour Lift, Dr. Nimtz can create a youthful appearance through smaller surgical procedures with less downtime. Patients are quite numb and comfortable throughout the procedure. Because patients are not under general anesthesia, they recover and heal quickly, often within 4 days to a week, depending upon which procedure they undergo. These are popular procedures because they offer youthful yet subtle correction without the added expense of an anesthesia fee.

Men and women come to Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for lunch hour facelifts from as far as Louisville and beyond. If you’re ready to look like a younger version of yourself with one of these quick rejuvenating procedures, request a consultation using our online form or call us at (859) 277-9435 (Lexington) or (859) 277-8615 (London).

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