The Modern “Mini”Facelift

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The Modern “Mini” Facelift

Have you ever stood in the mirror and tightened the skin on your face: lifting your cheeks, or your jowls, or your neck just enough, wishing you could make the excess skin disappear?

The Lunch Hour Lift

That small improvement in the mirror can be made permanent with our Lunch Hour Lift–a small surgical procedure done in our office under local anesthesia. Patients can walk in and out for this procedure. We offer a few different versions of our Lunch Hour Lift, and this mini-facelift version is one of our most popular procedures at Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for both men and women, and it takes just a few hours to turn back the clock. 

How Mini is Mini?

By tightening the skin along the hairline or ears through a small incision, Dr. Nimtz is able to provide a lift to the cheek, enhancing the cheekbones, and smoothing smile lines. Likewise, he is able to tighten the jaw and lift excess skin on the neck with the mini neck lift.  A traditional facelift would correct both areas, but a modern, mini-facelift provides just enough improvement to one of these areas, targeting where you are beginning to see the signs of aging–the cheeks, the jawline or the neck.  We are able to tailor the incision just to the areas you need it the most.  These procedures are popular because they cost less, but the results are stunning. You can look younger in just a few hours without looking “done.”

Who is a Good Candidate?

These smaller procedures refresh your face without the downtime of a full facelift or without the expense of the surgery center or anesthesia. This procedure is popular with those looking for a more permanent anti-aging option than facial filler, but one not quite as dramatic as a traditional facelift. Patients are typically 40-60 years old who benefit from our Lunch Hour Lift mini facelift or neck lift.  

Add Some Fat!

Because we lose volume as we age, in those same few hours we can rejuvenate the face with a small amount of your own fat to rebuild those cheekbones, fill those hollowed eyes or smooth the folds around the nose. Your face becomes softer, the skin brighter and these results last far longer than facial fillers you buy that last only 6-9 months. When we start to tighten that skin in the mirror, it is often the same age when it starts to cost a lot to maintain fillers, and fat grafting is a more cost effective option. Fat lasts longer than filler! In addition, it has properties in the fat that rejuvenate the skin as well. Some women return every two to three years to have fat grafting touch ups, which is actually cheaper than off-th- shelf fillers. Fat really can be your own fountain of youth. Fat grafting in addition to our lunch hour lift procedures is a powerful combination for facial rejuvenation and because it is your own fat, the results are natural. 

Because of their popularity, we book these procedures a few months in advance, so call to schedule your consultation for 2022!


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