How To Prepare for Your Mommy Makeover Recovery

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A mommy makeover is a truly transformative procedure—a chance to reclaim your body and boost your confidence after pregnancy and childbearing. Being well-prepared gives you peace of mind, knowing life’s day-to-day necessities are taken care of while you take time to heal.

Here’s how to set yourself up for a comfortable, low-stress recovery and make the most of your recuperation time. Soon, you’ll be back on your feet, enjoying your new look.

Before the Procedure

  • Consult With Your Surgeon: Understanding the postoperative period allows you to navigate recovery confidently.
  • Arrange Transportation: Organize a ride home from surgery and to your follow-up appointments, as you won’t be able to drive initially.
  • Plan for Assistance: Reach out to friends, family, or professional caregivers for assistance with tasks such as child care, household chores, meal preparation, and running errands.
  • Create a Recovery Space: Choose a quiet room or a comfortable corner and furnish it with items that will aid your recovery. Organize your medications within reach to avoid unnecessary stretching or straining. Keep water nearby for hydration. Entertainment options such as books, a tablet, or a laptop can be a welcome distraction and help pass the time.
  • Consider Your Sleeping Arrangements: Post-tummy tuck, you’ll need to sleep on your back with your torso slightly elevated. Some patients choose to sleep in bed with extra pillows for support; others find a recliner invaluable during recovery. Practice this sleeping arrangement before the procedure to get acclimated to it. This will enable you to get the restorative sleep you need during recovery.

You can learn more about what to expect from mommy makeover surgery in our Mommy Makeover FAQ and see the type of results you can look forward to on the other side of your surgery in the real patient photos below.


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Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 38 View #1 View in Lexington & London, KY
Before & After Mommy Makeover
Before & After Mommy Makeover Case 79 View #1 View in Lexington & London, KY
Before & After Mommy Makeover
Before & After Mommy Makeover Case 93 Front View in Lexington & London, KY
Before & After Mommy Makeover
Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 83 View #1 View in Lexington & London, KY
Before & After Mommy Makeover

After the Procedure

  • Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions: Your surgeon’s aftercare instructions are based on your surgery details, medical history, and lifestyle factors, ensuring you have a safe, efficient recovery. They’ll include guidelines on how to care for your incisions, manage any drains, take prescribed medications, and when to reintroduce activities and exercise.
  • Manage Discomfort: After your mommy makeover, stay ahead of any pain by taking prescribed medication as directed. Follow a consistent schedule to maintain comfort rather than waiting for discomfort to intensify.
  • Maintain Gentle Movement: Your body needs plenty of rest, but you also need periodic short walks to promote circulation and prevent blood clots. Begin with slow, careful walks around your home, gradually increasing the distance as you feel comfortable. Listen to your body—if you experience discomfort or fatigue, it’s a signal to rest.
  • Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Drink water regularly throughout the day to flush out toxins. Meals should include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to give your body the essential nutrients it needs to repair tissues and regain strength.

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Recovery Is Your Time for Self-Care

Your body has undergone significant changes, and you’ll need time to adjust. Careful preparation and patience can make your recovery not just bearable but also comfortable.

If you have further questions about mommy makeover recovery, Commonwealth Plastic Surgery is here to support you every step of the way. Call our office today at (859) 277-9435 or request a consultation online.

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