There’s no better way to nourish both body and soul than indulging in a relaxing massage. At Commonwealth Plastic Surgery, our experienced massage therapists in Lexington, KY, work magic with their hands to personalize each treatment to the client’s preferences and needs.

Menu of Options

Any one of the following massages will be enough to renew and reframe your day. Take it to the next level by adding in one of our rejuvenating facials.

Swedish: Great for melting away stress, we perform this massage with light to firm pressure for whole-body relaxation and improved circulation.

Aromatherapy: We combine the therapeutic effects of the essential oil of your choice with a relaxing Swedish massage, followed by a scalp massage, and top it off with a mini facial massage.

Sport/training: This targeted massage is the perfect answer to enthusiastic workouts, overtraining, sports injuries, misalignment, and other reasons your body might need some specialized care.

Deep tissue: This full body massage penetrates to the deeper connective tissues releasing chronic muscle tension, pain, and restricted range of motion.

Hot stone: We place smooth, warm stones on specific points along the body for continued warmth and pressure to deepen muscle relaxation and intensify the benefits of the massage.

Lymphatic: Whether you want to encourage detoxification, enhance recovery after surgery, or reduce swelling, this gentle 30-minute restorative massage is for you.

Express: This abbreviated 45-minute version of the massage of your choice is great for a quick pick-me-up or focused attention on the neck, shoulders, back, or any bothersome area.

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Nourish Your Soul

A massage at Commonwealth Plastic Surgery offers a peaceful respite from the demands of life for women and men from Danville, Georgetown, Lexington, and surrounding areas. To schedule the massage of your choice, book now using our online system or call us at (859) 277-8739.

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