Skin Care in Lexington, KY

Interested in the latest laser skin treatment? How about cutting-edge SkinCeuticals®, Obagi®, or SkinMedica® products? For those men and women in greater Lexington and Georgetown as well as the surrounding communities of Kentucky, Commonwealth Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Jared Nimtz, can help you achieve your skin care goals. Contact us today to set up your skin care consultation and learn more about our full range of skin care solutions.

What is Skin Care?

Your skin says a lot about you, and how you take care of your skin shows the world that you care about yourself. Set up your skin care procedure consultation with Dr. Nimtz today and take the first step towards absolutely amazing looking skin. From laser skin treatment with our Cutera® laser to physician-only premium skin care products, such as SkinCeuticals®, Obagi®, or SkinMedica®, Dr. Nimtz has a skin care solution that is right for you.

What are the Benefits of Skin Care?

Do you have age spots, wrinkles, red patches, fine lines, or other signs of skin damage brought about by the effects of aging or environmental damage? Dr. Nimtz offers a range of skin care procedure solutions to help you achieve your skin care goals, including:

  • Laser Skin Treatment

    • Our laser services include the use of IPL® for hyperpigmentation (brown spots on the skin) and Laser Genesis to improve skin texture, address redness and promote collagen remodeling.
  • SkinCeuticals®

    • SkinCeuticals® skin care products can benefit patients with a variety of skin types and conditions, including signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, acne, discoloration, redness, dehydrated skin, or sensitive skin. SkinCeuticals® products have undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure they provide maximum benefits to patients.
  • Obagi®

    • Obagi® is an advanced skin care system that treats patients of all ages with all skin types. Obagi® products are an effective way to improve skin conditions by creating smoother skin with fresh skin cells.
  • SkinMedica®

    • The SkinMedica® line of products works with your skin’s natural healing capacity and is easy to use as part of your current daily skin care regimen. It improves skin health with retinol and antioxidants to get real visible results that are long-lasting.

What Skin Care Procedures and Programs are Available?

All skin care programs are personalized for each individual and are provided in-office. Dr. Nimtz offers the scientifically advanced SkinCeuticals® line of skin care products, along with Obagi® and SkinMedica® solutions as well. Each of these products contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and has been tested on humans. We use laser treatments, such as IPL®, for hyperpigmentation (brown spots on the skin) and we also utilize Laser Genesis to help improve your skin texture, address redness and to promote collagen remodeling.

How Much Does Skin Care Cost?

The price of your skin care procedure or treatment with Dr. Nimtz will vary depending on your unique treatment needs as well as other related factors. After you meet with Dr. Nimtz, we will identify exactly what your skin care procedure or treatment will cost, at which time we will give you an all-inclusive quote. We do offer CareCredit® as a financing option, and our office also accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover as well as cash or personal checks.

Isn’t it time you loved your skin? Residents of greater Lexington and Georgetown as well as the surrounding communities of Kentucky, select Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for skin care solutions and procedures customized to your needs. Contact us today to set up your skin care consultation!

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