Leg Veins in Lexington, KY

If you have leg veins, including spider veins, red veins, or blue veins, then sclerotherapy or laser vein treatment may be appropriate for you. If you live in greater Lexington and Georgetown, or any of the surrounding communities of Kentucky, Commonwealth Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Jared Nimtz, can help you achieve your goals for removing unwanted and unsightly leg veins. Contact us today to set up your leg vein consultation.

What is Leg Vein Treatment?

Spider veins, red veins, and blue veins are all signs of vein disease. Vein disease is a disorder that stems from excessive pressure from the backward flow of blood in the veins, which can be treated by Dr. Nimtz with laser treatment or sclerotherapy. Now you can eliminate leg veins with expert treatment from Dr. Nimtz so your legs can lose the veins and go back to looking absolutely amazing.

What are the Benefits of Leg Vein Treatment?

Varicose and spider veins can be caused by veins that are too close to the surface of your skin, which occurs if these nerves have been damaged so that blood no longer flows easily through them. Laser treatment is safe for most skin types, and patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment for spider veins, and varicose veins that heat the damaged vein causing it to seal shut and your body absorbs the vein. Sclerotherapy injections are another option, in which Dr. Nimtz puts a special solution into the affected veins, which causes the veins to collapse. Your body then absorbs the veins and reroutes the blood to a healthy vein.

Who is a Candidate for a Leg Vein Treatment?

Spider veins typically present a cosmetic concern, but varicose veins can be very painful. Your legs may ache and feel very heavy. Other symptoms of varicose veins include burning, throbbing, cramping, swelling and itching. Patients with varicose veins may also develop open skin ulcers, which may increase their discomfort.

What is the Procedure for Leg Vein Treatment?

For laser treatment, laser energy is applied to spider veins causing them to seal shut. Laser heat damages the vein, which makes scar tissue form, and this scar tissue closes the vein and causes it to die after its source of blood is eliminated. After a year or two, the vein is likely to disappear as your body absorbs the veins over time. Sclerotherapy, on the other hand, involves injecting a solution into the veins, which causes them to collapse and be absorbed into your body while the blood flow is re-routed through healthy veins. With sclerotherapy, a solution is injected into each affected vein, causing the vein to collapse and fade from view. Bright light and magnification may be used to help precision while the skin is held taut for the injection. Typically, you can expect one injection for every inch of spider vein that is treated. After your spider vein therapy, you will probably have to wear support hose to help you heal. You can expect bruising at the injection sites and some cramping in your legs for a day or two.

How Much Does Leg Vein Treatment Cost?

The price of your leg vein treatment will vary depending on your unique treatment needs as well as other related factors. After you meet with Dr. Nimtz, we will identify exactly what your leg vein treatment procedure will cost, at which time we will give you an all-inclusive quote. We do offer CareCredit® as a financing option, and our office also accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover as well as cash or personal checks.

Residents of greater Lexington and Georgetown as well as the surrounding communities of Kentucky, select Dr. Jared Nimtz of Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for your outstanding leg vein treatment results. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

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