Computer Imaging

Dr. Nimtz’s patients call his work “absolutely amazing” for a reason. He takes his time with you and studies your program of treatment very carefully, utilizing computer imagery to develop and hone your treatment plan based on your personal goals. The residents of greater Lexington, Georgetown and the surrounding communities of Kentucky enjoy advanced computer imagery utilizing the very latest technology to produce absolutely amazing results at Commonwealth Plastic Surgery.

What is Computer Imaging?

Dr. Nimtz believes computer imaging is one of the most vital tools at our disposal, because of the way it allows you to to preview what you will look like, and what the outcome of the procedure you are asking for will be.

What Are the Benefits of Computer Imaging?

Dr. Nimtz uses the computer imager as part of your initial consultation, so you can see visually what your end result will look like. Dr. Nimtz will always take the time necessary to answer every question you have thoroughly without making you feel rushed in any way whatsoever, and computer imaging offers a great benefit to this process because Dr. Nimtz can use the image as a point of reference. Before computer imaging, it was next to impossible for patients to have any real idea what their outcome might look like.

What Does Computer Imagery Do?

Computer imagery allows Dr. Nimtz to capture a digital image of your anatomy and change in into 3D data to view. Once this information is captured and reconfigured, we are able to modify and manipulate the body’s digital features to better show you your expected results from your prospective surgical procedure.

Is Computer Imaging Time Consuming?

Not anymore! It’s a rapid and worthwhile addition to your consultation and procedure process. It’s true that when computer imaging first came out on the market, it was a lengthy process to render each image, but now with advances in computer processor speeds as well as increases in memory along with software improvements, it is a very quick process. The actual imaging takes less than 10 minutes, and we use the data to build your profile. Once the profile is complete, Dr. Nimtz will begin your consultation, and together you can review your options.

How Realistic Will My Computer Image Be?

Surprisingly, your image will provide a lot of valuable information to help you make a decision, although it will not look exactly like you. Previously, many patients were not convinced that the image that was given to them onscreen would be what their real-world results would look like, but Dr. Nimtz now has thousands of before and after images from people who have used computer imaging so you can see for yourself that our success rate is phenomenal. One look into our database will assure you that what you see is what you get when you work with Dr. Nimtz.

Residents of greater Lexington and Georgetown as well as the surrounding communities of Kentucky, choose Dr. Jared Nimtz and Commonwealth Plastic Surgery for advanced computer imagery designed to enhance your results and empower you to reach your personal goals. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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